The Company


Marx Fashion Agency can draw on excellent professional expertise and organisational possibilities in connection with its trading agency, online business and technical support services.


We make sure that the collections distributed by us are always fresh and up-to-date. Our close ties with commercial trade ensure that new trends will be recognized early on and can thus flow into the collections produced. 


Our know-how and commitment with regard to the Chinese online business market makes it possible for European manufacturers of brand-name products to make intensive use of the great opportunities offered by one of the world’s largest markets.


Our technical support can be counted on to reliably look after all of the interests of our partners from the industry. The transparency of business execution and the attaining of high product quality is given centre stage by Marx Fashion Agency. 


Our services as an intermediary agent between renowned customers and service providers - as well as reliable manufacturers - have already proven to be of great benefit for all parties involved.